Why Does My Cockapoo Follow Me Everywhere?

Do you feel like your dog always follows you everywhere? It probably is! Cockapoos are a dog breed and are very intelligent and intuitive and they quickly learn our habits. They know that when we go into the kitchen, chances are we will give them food or at least a snack. They also know that when we head to the front door, it’s probably time for a walk or pee. And when we pick up one of their toys, it’s time to play ball! So don’t be surprised if your dog always seems to be by your side, because he just anticipates what you’re going to do next!

For many dog owners, it is common for their canine companions to follow them closely due to a problem called Dog Separation Anxiety. Whether you’re walking to the mailbox or running errands around town, your dog always seems to be following you. While some may consider this a nuisance, the truth is that there is a very good reason behind the constant proximity of your dog: he is anxious when he is alone.

The Reasons Why Your Cockapoo Follows You

There are many reasons why dogs can follow us wherever we go, from basic canine behaviors like barking to more complex situational factors like aggression or boredom. At the risk of sounding like a veterinarian or canine behaviorist, it’s important to take the time to understand why your dog is following you.

For example, many Cockapoo puppies start following their master out of habit, that is, they are so used to seeing you and spending time with you that they feel compelled to stay by your side constantly to educate them. Other dogs may do this to attract attention when barking, whether positive or negative. They may be experiencing some form of anxiety or stress and simply need to be petted or talked to. On the other hand, some breeds, such as German shepherds, are simply programmed to keep an eye on their pack leader (shepherd) at all times.

Of course, when it comes to more problematic or aggressive behaviors, such as excessive barking or biting, it is important to consult a professional dog trainer or certified Cockapoo Breeder. Training Cockapoo puppies for sale can help you not only treat the underlying cause of these behaviors (such as barking for no reason) but also teach your pet more appropriate ways to relate to others and get them used to expressing themselves.