Buying purebred dogs in Houston, Texas is assuring you of love and the best company you can have. The dog is man’s best friend, we all know that. Trust in the guarantee and service that we offer at Fox Terriers Club Breeder Blog. All our puppies are delivered with the necessary documentation, vaccinations corresponding to their age and a 10-day health guarantee.
As an authorized zoological nucleus we ensure the care, protection and development of both puppies and their parents.

Top quality food, outdoor exercise and facilities in perfect condition for the comfort of the animal.We deliver the puppies at home, with a special transport for pets where we ensure a comfortable trip and in the best conditions. At Fox Terriers Club Breeder Blog we are breeders and sellers to buy purebred dogs. This is the best guarantee that can be offered when buying a puppy. We care for and know each dog from the moment of gestation, parental care, birth control and health monitoring until its sale.

No dog receives the same care. Although it may seem inappropriate, when buying dogs we consider that each breed has different characteristics and unique needs. For this reason, we treat each breed with fair treatment regarding their food, game and company.