Will they give him the medication that my dog ​​has to take?

If your dog has a health problem that requires treatment, you must give them a veterinary certificate with the guidelines duly noted so that they can provide the treatment correctly.

What do I need to bring when I take my dog?

You must present your pet’s veterinary card showing that all vaccinations are up to date and the microchip number. Without it, they will not admit your dog for the safety of the rest.

Can you give my dog ​​a bath just before I go to pick him up?

Without any problem. You will only have to indicate it when making the reservation.

Are there more dogs?

Of course. They have quite large facilities so they are able to take care of several dogs at the same time.

If you prefer, your dog will not hang out with the rest. But since they only allow social dogs, they will surely have a much better time playing and going on group walks with the rest of the dogs.