How To Train A German Shepherd To Guard And Protect

Many people believe that a guard dog is an extremely aggressive and violent animal. The truth is that these types of pets, when they are well trained, only use that natural canine behavior to protect themselves when someone threatens their home or family. This time we will show you 5 steps you must follow to train a German Shepherd for personal defense and protection.

  1. Start from the basics

To begin with, you must teach your dog basic obedience commands so that he learns to respond to your voice and signals. Some of the commands you can teach your furry are sit, down, come and stay. These commands will help you control your dog’s behavior in any circumstance.

  1. Teach your dog to bark

Once your dog has passed the first stage and is trained to obey your commands, it is time to start preparing him to be a guardian and protector. To teach your dog to bark, you will do it with a simple order by carrying out the following process:

  • Place your dog’s favorite treat on his head and tell him “Bark.”
  • Shake the treat and as a voice of excitement encourages your dog to bark.
  • Immediately when your dog barks you should give him the treat and praise him.
  • You should repeat this exercise several times a day until your dog understands what to do when you say the command “Bark.”
  1. Show your dog the territory:

Your German shepherd dog must know the limits of its property, this will help the animal know when it can notify you of the presence of a stranger at the right time since it must do so when an intruder exceeds those limits.

  1. Encourage your German Shepherd to bark:

You have to encourage your dog to bark at an unknown person but within a controlled setting. To achieve this, follow these steps:

  • Ask a friend to visit you and stop at the limits of your house.
  • When your friend is there you should take your dog and say “Go”.
  • When your furry has turned his attention to the strange person, you should tell him “Bark”. Then you have to reward your pet with a treat.
  • Repeating this exercise frequently will help your dog understand why he should bark at strange faces when they are on his property lines. It is important that the exercise is done with people the dog does not know.

5.   Socialize the German Shepherd:

For all types of training, socialization is key because it allows him to feel safe in places where there are unknown people and other animals. In order for your dog to develop good socialization, you should frequently take them to public places such as stores, the vet, the park, and other places where there are different stimuli.

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