Fox-terriers - club de france

The Fox Terrier Club of France

 This association, founded under the "Act of 1901", was established in February 2008 at the initiative of a few enthusiasts, to defend and promote the fox terrier breed.

The Objectives are as follows: 

To preserve, improve, and promote the fox terrier breed in its two varieties, both smooth and wire haired, and in all its uses and

To promote the frank and honest exchange of information among all fox terrier breeders and enthusiasts and to optimize the physical and mental qualities of future generations of fox terriers, in accordance with the dog's characteristics.

To work in the spirit of the founders and to protect, presently and in the future, the breed's characteristics and integrity from any fashionable changes of the day.

This means the following: 

The Fox Terrier Club of France, through its affiliation with CSC, would be recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture and has, therefore, adopted the statutes and regulations of the Ministry.

It will develop databases to collect the maximum amount of information on the status of the French Fox Terrier population and, for this purpose, will maintain contact with other French Fox Terrier clubs as well as foreign Fox Terrier clubs.

It will also be able to thus advise and propose conditions for acceptable reproductions within the breed, as well as offer advice to the standard and working judges, impartially helping and arguing for, a "reasoned» choice in the mating of the males and females within the breed.

Far from hiding information, club members will have to communicate with other breeders and any future owners concerning any health or character problems encountered in the lineages any Fox Terrier family lines.   This is to be done as much for animal welfare as well as for the preservation of the entire race.

Any person enjoying this race and adhering to principles above can apply to become a member.


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 Association Loi de 1901 déclarée