What Foods Should Dogs Not Eat?

Who has not given their dog a piece of food at some point…? You are at the table eating and you give your dog anything. Willpower runs out when he looks you in the eye, but not all the foods we eat are recommended for your dog. There are foods that can be very harmful and can harm the health of the animal. As experts in the sale of purebred dogs in Houston, we know first-hand what foods to avoid. In our blog we list the foods that dogs should not eat. If your pet eats these foods frequently, they can cause damage to their health. Read the list of prohibited foods for dogs: 

Onion: Toxic food

Onion is a toxic food due to its allicin content. During chewing, this substance is released, which can cause anemia due to the rupture of blood vessels and the reduction of oxygen in the blood. This reaction occurs with the continued consumption of onion, nothing will happen if you have eaten it once on time.

This group of toxic foods can include onions, garlic, chives, leeks…


We love chocolate, it is appetizing at any time of the day, but this food for your pet can cause all kinds of side effects. 

Cocoa is a strong stimulant that is a toxic substance for dogs. We have all heard that giving a dog sugar can make him blind… This is because foods containing sugar can cause diabetes.

The main symptoms of chocolate poisoning are: diarrhea, vomiting, tremors, hyperactivity and seizures. In addition to affections to the nervous system, they can also affect the kidneys, the cardiac system, the muscles… 

Similar foods would be tea or coffee, they contain methylxanthine that acts directly on the nervous system. The worst food in this group is dark chocolate because of its high theobromine content.

The forbidden fruit: Avocado

A fruit that is never lacking in our house, in recent years the avocado has flooded our entire kitchen, but it is better to keep it away from your pet. 

The toxin that prevails in avocado is persin, we find it in the pit. Its ingestion can obstruct the digestive system. Do not use the avocado bone as a game for your pet, it can cause an upset. Like the previous foods, the symptoms of its intake are similar: vomiting, diarrhea and weakness.

There are other fruits such as apples, peaches, apricots that contain cyanide in their seeds that the stomach of dogs cannot digest. 

Forget the salt! 

You may choose to give your dog homemade food, whether it is rice or cooked meat. Eating human food is not harmful, but adding salt to your food can cause serious problems. 

If salt is consumed frequently in meals, it can generate dehydration and a list of conditions whose origin could not be identified, since the damage of salt acts slowly if its consumption is made for a long period of time. 

If you choose to give your pet food prepared by yourself, it is better not to add salt. 

No cooked bones!

Who has never given their dog a bone? But it is not the safest food: they can splinter and cause choking. 

If you want your dog to eat bones, it is better to give them raw to avoid choking problems that can lead to stomach ulcers.

These are the foods that dogs should not eat. Stop giving forbidden foods and keep your pet in good shape.