When Can A Puppy Be Taken Outside?

When a puppy comes home, the first question is when can I take a puppy out? Before venturing to take it out on the street, read the recommendations of our dog kennel in Houston. 

Taking a puppy out on the street without its vaccinations can put the animal’s life at risk. 

Dogs must go outside to prevent them from behaving inappropriately… But the first walks cannot be done as soon as they get home, you have to wait a reasonable time so that they do not contract diseases. 

Steps before taking a puppy out

You must deworm it with the appropriate pipettes and vaccines. After separating our puppies from their mother, we take care of the deworming after a month and a half. Parasites in puppies are the most common since we find them in breast milk, which is why antiparasitic treatment is so important. 

Give him the first vaccinations: The veterinarian indicates that the dog can walk after receiving the first cycle of vaccination. The first vaccine is given between the first 6 and 8 weeks, followed by the booster vaccine at week 12. So after that period you could go out with your dog. Diseases in puppies tend to get worse, even causing death, which is why it is so important to give the first vaccines. 

What diseases do vaccines protect against? We can name hepatitis, parvovirus, distemper, rabies, leptospirosis… Parvo is the disease that causes the most deaths in puppies, wait before taking it out. 

The first vaccines can vary from one veterinary clinic to another, but as a general rule we find: The primary vaccination: It is given at 6 weeks of life and prepares the immune system. The first tetravalent:   It is placed at 8 weeks, it is prior to deworming. The second tetravalent: Memory of the previous one at 12 weeks of life. The immune system is protected from possible diseases. 

Put the microchip on him: Before going out with him, remember to put the microchip on him, if he gets lost you can easily find him. 

The average age of a puppy’s first walk is around 3 or 4 months. Although the month in which the vaccines have acted on your immune system is the 5th month. 

Walk with other dogs! If you want to have a dog that gets along with others, it is important that you get used to being with others from an early age. He will learn to play and not to bark when he sees them. 

How should the first walk be? 

  • Don’t walk too far, let the dog get used to the environment, noises, other dogs… 
  • Don’t let him smell other feces or urine. 
  • Make progressive walks depending on your attitude with the environment.
  • You should reward him if he relieves himself away from home.